Since the global economic crisis happened, many international and Vietnamese politicians and economists have made their comments and analyses on the causes ans the effects of the crisis. They shifted the blame on the easy – going credit loans for real estates and weak management. The above – mentioned analyses are reasonable but they have nost identified the source of basic causes of the global economic crisis

In my opinion, this is the global cyslic economic crisis of the capitalist system but this time it came slower (nearly 80 years). This is the law of necessary development of the capitalism because the nature of capitalist economy is to pursue the profit without regard to its consequences. That is the common responsibility of the whole US – led system of capitalism which controls the global economy. Therefore, the crisis influence level is up to the dependence of such country to the US economy. This is the big lesson for Gorbachop and Ensin and former socialist countries which one eagerly dissolved the communist parties to transfer to capitalism. At that time,. They regarded the USA as “ The Paradise On The Earth”

Now, they – a number of SGN and East European countries have suffered serious economic downturn due to dependence on the US economy. Does this matter awaken them anything?

That is also a big live and dead lesson for Vietnam because before that time, some American – like people in Vietnam called for giving up socialism and state capitalism to come back to nationalism. Some of them profitted by the nationalism as a disguise mask for entering multiparty system, pluralism to create a premise to overthrow the socialist regime and turn Vietnam into capitalist way that the Democratic Party of Le Cong Dinh has monilized and called for.

Before talking about Vietnam, I would like to come back to the developments of the global economic crisis:

In 1932, upon assuming his function, US President Roosevelt asked his staff officers, “Why did the capitalist system suffer economic crisis while the socialist one did not suffer?” His inferior strategists answered that the communism implemented controlled economy. Right away, Roosevelt dispatched a research team to Soviet Union to study on the controlled economy.

After hearing the report from the research team coming back home, Roosevelt concluded that the reason why the capitalist system suffered the cyclic crisis because it followed the free economy. There must be the interference of the government to the capital activities to settle the crisis.

After that, President Roosevelt really interfered in the capital activities, the same as President Obama has been doing for the time being, to put an end to the crisis at that time. But because Roosevelt just regarded the interference of the government in the capital activities, according to Lenin, as the application of the form of the State Capialism servicing the goal of capitalism which is only the means not the end. Therefore, his successors gradually turned back to their inborn nature with their pinnacle in the time of Bush administration.

President Barrack Obama declared that upon being elected US President, he would come back to the New Economic Policy of Roosevelt to save the US and global economies. It means that Mr. Obama has been using the form of the State Capitalism to restore the economy. It is hoped that the US government and the government of other capitalist countries to make use of the Roosevelt’s policy as their lesson for their success and unsuccess, otherwise it is unavoidable to pay too expensive prices as a disaster not only for the US, for the capitalist system and for the whole word recently and for the time being.

Anyway, the US economy and the whole work economy will be recovered at last when the have situational solution: the solution of the State Capitalism. How won’t the capitalism come back to their cyclic crisis like this. This is a critically strategic problem imposed on the shoulders of President Obama and the leaders of the capitalist countries. The above matters make us realize that the socialism is the necessary way for mankind that has been shaking the conservative knowledge which has considered the economy of the US and other capitalist countries to be superlative, the advancing way of mankind. To verify primarily the above realization, we try to evaluate how the effect of the socialism to the capitalist system?

Le Quang (from New York, USA) had an article on THANH NIEN newspaper on Tuiesday 21 April 2009 with a title” The Americans lessen their trust on capitalism” after some Republican senators criticixed Mr Obama’s implementation of socialist policies. A media company, Rasmussen Reports, made a nationwide poll with a question “which one is better between capitalism and socialism?” The result of the poll was announced by this company on 9 April 2008: only 53% American adults believed capitalism was good; 20% believed socialism was better and 27% hesitated in their choice (even though just 4 months in the economic crisis in the USA and in the capitalist system and up to date this percentage of the trust still varies with an increase on the socialism side)

It is notable that the support rate for capitalism and socialism was not much different in the youth and Democratic Party followers: 37% Americans under 30 years old chose capitalism, 33% chose socialism and 30% hesitated in their choice. As for the Republican Party followers, the rate corresponded to 39%, 30% and 31%

The result also showed that the people over 30 years old, the Republican Party followers and investors loved capitalism better: 49% Americans from 30 to 40 years of age supported capitalism: 26% for socialism and over 40 year of age more trust on socialism. The news from rightist wing called this as a breaking news and it is a proof showing that how effective the doctrine of socialism was diffused in the young American generation.

According to a forum of conservative Americans, even though the poll result showed the 53% rate as a support majority for the capitalism, but it was a too low figure for the country considering the capitalism as an American development key. As such, in this competition, the socialism has been “sezing land” (now and in the immediate future, the socialism will “seize land” larger and larger which will make hwavy pressure on the capitalism)

Without stopping at such Mr Spence Bachus, an American senator openly declared that in the US Congress, there were 17 socialist senators who were pushing President Obama to the left wing.

Besides, there is a remarkable matter, in the powerful capitalist countries such as Germany. France, Italy and the USA, the intellectuals, mostly young people, have looked for and read the Capital, a book by Karl Marx and other books about socialism and state capitalism. That is what the countries in Latin America, headed by President Hugo Chavez have made use of the state capitalism with socialist tendency for their national renovation.

Regarding nationnalism, we respect the nationalism of Phan Boi Chau, Phan Chau Trinh, Nguyen Thai Hoc … but they failed because they could not resist against the inperialism. Therefore, Uncle Ho went to France, the USA, Russia, England to look for the way for national salvation. The Great October Revolution made Uncle Ho form the socialist model in Vietnam which is the combination between national independence and socialism. The nationa independence and socialism is the way of Vietnam Revolution. Thanks to that way, we defeated the two imperialist chieftains of the word and successfully implememted the socialism. Afterwards, in order to better concretize the application of the way of national independence and socialism, Comrad Nguyen Van Linh, Former Secretary General of the Central Communist Party Committee initiatively applied the New Economic Policy of Lenin with state capitalism as its basic doctrine. This is the initiative application of Marxism – Leninsism into the practical situation in our country suitable in every periof of time and it was shown through 5 times of party congresses. The resolutions of the party congresses are practically the concrete theoretical basis of the 20 year of renovation of the socialism in the time of renovation. Therefore, Comrad Nguyen Van Linh clearly showed that the way advancig to the socialism during the transitional period was the way of the state capitalism.

The way of independence and socialism together with the state capitalism, as the situational solution as well as the end recently, is really a big lesson to cope with the global economic crisis. In spite of being in whatsoever situation, we still keep up firmly the with the way of independence and self – determination as a major key to expand our golobal relationship. We have to firmly stand on our feet. That is the way for our country to advance to sustainable development. Therefore, we have to restructure the economy in accordance with the national independence and socialism that our party and government have applied very effectively, especially in coping with the golabal economic crisis with successful result. Actually, we have made effective use of the state capitalism.

In the restructure of the economy, we should develop the main force role of agriculture and farmers. Actual evidence proves that due to the cyslic economic crisis of the capitalist system, even the main force branches which have been centrally invested were downgraded in exportation from 20% to 30%. In agriculture, which have not been invested so much but in 2009 2 million tons of rice increased for export among 6 million tons of rice a year (for export). Therefore, if we wish to have an independent and self – supporting economy, we have to put the agriculture on the “top front”

In the future, if we wish to successfully apply efficient high – tech farming in the Mekong delta, the productivity will increase from 10 to 30 times compared to the present yield. This will make export increased with higher and higher profit and farmers will opportunity to get rich right on their ricefield. If doing well on that trend, once agriculture helps farmers become rich 80% of population in our country will be rich too which contributes their big part for making people rich, country strong; for the policy of industrialization and modernization of the country up to the year 2020; for the more efficiency of poverty reduction and hunger elimination of the government. If formerly, during the time of resistance against invaders, farmers were military main forces, now in reconstruction of the country, farmers are still the main forces

Therefore, we have to reserve Jand for farming, We should not occupy farming land because occupying land can jeopardize food security. In a long period of time recently, land compensation prices have been very low when we have taken over the farming land for industrial parks that have spoiled the rights and benefits of farmers. That matter has made the farmers desappointed to the government influencing the ally of farmers and workers, a top principle for construction of authorities.

Journalist D.B had a article on Tuoi Tre (The Youth) Newspaper on 17 July 2009, reported that according to a report from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developmetn, from 2000 to 2007, 301,935 hectares of land for farming have been decreased (nearly 25,000 hectares decreased per annum) in which 52,000 hectares decreased in Hong River delta and 205,000 hectares in Mekong deltal. Thus, 257,000 hectares of land area for rice cultivation have been decreased, accounting for 71,1% of the increased land for rice production. Therefore, I propose to stop taking over the recefields for industrial parks or gulf courses ( except for national projects like bridges, roads…) otherwise we will continue, to pay high prices for that mistake.

The policy to take over farming land for industrial parks is a wrong one, more harmful than beneficial and of unmeasurable consequences. I propose the Polibureau, the Prime Minister and the government should have “solid hands” in this matter. Uncle Ho ever compared that agriculture and industry are two wings being equally respected which can make our country take off and fly higher and farther.

18th July 2009

Nguyen Chon Trung


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